How do I get rid of cocoa and chocolate stains?

To remove fresh stains do not use soap, because that can cause the stains to become affixed. Drape the stained cloth over a bowl and pour boiling water over it. Then rub liquid detergent into the cloth.
Thoroughly rinse with warm water.

To remove dried chocolate stains, treat immediately with glycerine, then wash with warm water and methylated spirits.
Another way is to knead the stain with a powerful solution of borax in water, and then treat with boiling water.

What is the difference between a bonbon and a chocolate truffle?


A bonbon (sweet – derived from French), chocolate truffle or praline is confectionary consisting of a chocolate layer and a filling. This could also be marzipan or nougat. Sometimes bonbons are filled with liquor, especially liqueurs. In 1912, the first filled chocolate bonbon was created, and was given the name of bonbon.

Does chocolate increase your cholesterol levels?


A study by the University of California demonstrated that chocolate suppressed the effects of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol. Moreover, it is evident that the fat content of chocolate has a neutral effect upon the cholesterol level.

Are allergic reactions associated with chocolate?


In some chocolates, additives such as phenylethylamine can give rise to an allergic reaction.

Is chocolate good for blood pressure?


According to researchers from Cambridge University and Massachusetts University, the regular consumption of good chocolate, rich in flavonol, are good for the heart and kidneys. Furthermore, the production of nitric oxide – which helps to keep the blood pressure under control – is stimulated by consumption of chocolate.

Does chocolate cause constipation?


The tannin in chocolate stimulates bowel movement, together with the approximately 15 grams of fibre (in 100 grams of dark chocolate).

Does chocolate increase your lifespan?


Science has long concurred that eating chocolate creates a feeling of happiness in people. But what is a new discovery is that this also extends a person’s life. At any rate, that is the conclusion reached by investigators at the Institute for Public Health at Harvard University after a lengthy study.

The phenols present are weak acids that act as antioxidants and, thanks to their bacteriological properties, also extend the shelf life of foodstuffs, amongst other things.

Is chocolate a stimulant?


Chocolate does indeed have a stimulating effect, thanks to the theobromine, phenylethylamine and the serotonin. As a result, chocolate alleviates depression and can diminish the effects of stress. Chocolate is a stimulant because it is able to cause the secretion of endorphins in the glands, a substance that has an uplifting effect. Endorphins are released by the brain and are similar to morphine in that they have a soothing effect.

Does chocolate cause tooth decay?


Tooth decay is the corrosion of the hard part of the tooth, especially the enamel. Cocoa contains three types of substances that have a powerful anticariogenic action. Tannic acid is especially effective, and prevents the development of microbes. The fluoride present in cocoa also reinforces the resistance of the enamel.

Does chocolate cause acne?


There are a variety of causes of acne – psychological factors (like stress) will also stimulate exfoliation.

Does chocolate cause migraines?


Chocolate does not in itself cause migraines. However, every person has factors making them susceptible to migraines. Chocolate does contain tyramine, a monoamino that plays an indirect role in stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. When the isomers hereof are inadequate or are inhibited, the stacked up tyramine can cause the vasoactive amine to be released. These types of migraines are rare.

Does chocolate act as an aphrodisiac?

Maybe indirectly

The chemistry of love is extremely complex.
In the 16th century, chocolate was rich in herbs, which could lie at the root of the aphrodisiac effect (cinnamon, cloves, pepper, vanilla and aniseed). Today chocolate only contains sugar, cocoa paste, lecithin, vanilla and/or milk powder. The stimulating and uplifting role of caffeine and theobromine can only stimulate the development of intense sexual activity!

Is chocolate difficult to digest?


When the chocolate is of excellent quality, there will be no digestive problems. Still, it may be better to avoid consuming chocolate as a conclusion to a heavy meal.

Does chocolate attack the liver?


Biological tests have not shown any indication of the moderate consumption of chocolate causing liver problems.